Fall Foliage Extravaganza!

This past fall I had the opportunity to check out a new to me trail and cabin on the Kenai Peninsula, all while enjoying the glorious fall colors that we had in late September.  This was such a good way to unwind after the busyness of the fair.

On our drive south to Cooper Landing, had to stop and take a pic it was so pretty!

It felt like we were following the yellow brick road, starting out on the Crescent Creek Trail.  Jase loves coming with us on adventures!  He helps out by carrying a puppy pack with his own food and dish.

There were some amazing bridges on this well maintained trail

It was a relatively easy approx 6 mile hike, which is nice when you are carrying a heavy pack full of gear and food

You can't get lost, even in the wilderness of Alaska!

hmmm, too bad I didn't know to bring my bikini, haha!

Home sweet cabin for three nights, aaaaaaah (available for nightly rental at recreation.gov)

Jase pretending to be a good boat dog, I think this photo was the only time he sat still!  We rowed across the narrow end of the lake by the cabin to cut some dead trees on the other side to get our stockpile of firewood.  It's so nice that lakefront forest service cabins come with a boat.

Watching me saw firewood by hand sure seems to tire Jase out, I should be the one napping!

The very important task of filtering water, this was our front yard view

The scenery on a short walk from the cabin, so peaceful

We spent one evening hiking on the primitive trail that goes around the lake, it was pretty much bushwhacking but the colors were gorgeous

You can't see it but our cabin is nestled in those trees in the middle on the other side of the lake.  We were blessed with four days of gloriously warm fall weather to relax in the wilderness.  If you come here during grayling season bring a fishing pole, I sure wish I had!

Getting to hike back out in sunshine, we couldn't have asked for better weather

Even though I grew up in Alaska I did not know about these rental cabins until a few years ago when a friend (who just happens to be the same friend I went on this trip with) introduced me to them.  They are a wonderful way to get out and explore new areas of the state all while being able to stay dry, warm, and stand up (unlike tent camping) and you don't have to do any of the maintenance!  

You can find this and all other forest service cabins at recreation.gov 

Start planning your spring and summer adventures now as rental nights open up 6 months in advance, I need to follow my own advice and get my next trip planned... hmmm, where should I go?

Do you have a favorite cabin you like to go to?  Let us know in the comments