Splitboarding & Skiing

Splitboarding & Skiing
Splitboarding and backcountry skiing can be super fun especially in new powder but it also can be dangerous. When going into avalanche terrain you should always be prepared for the worst. Having the correct gear and getting the knowledge is your first step. Knowing the conditions of the snow and the weather is super important, so learn to understand the forecast and pay attention to the weather.
Take an avalanche course to be able to learn and make wise decisions in the backcountry.
Hatcher Pass is one of my favorite places to go backcountry skiing and splitboarding. Micro Dot, Skeetawk and Marmot are a few of my favorite places to go!
Going with friends who are not afraid to try and fail is one of the best ways to learn! Splitboarding can be amazing if the snow is right, but what makes it even better is when you go with people who challenge you and go just to enjoy each others company and being out in God's beautiful creation. 
This is what makes any adventure worth it! 
Having avalanche gear with you at all times is a must. You can find gear at some of the links below. 
Here are a few websites where you can learn and add more to your avalanche knowledge. 

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